Hawaiian Gambling Games

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60. Pi-li-ka-la Coin-Betting


[Page 229] This name is applied in particular to two games with coins - "pitching pennies" and "heads or tails." The first is played by several men who draw a line and throw at it, the one whose piece comes nearest, winning. In the second, the players select either heads or tails. They toss for position, and the first player throws all the coins up and takes those that fall as he bet. The game is played with Hawaiian nickels or five-cent pieces. Ka-la is the Hawaiian for "dollar"; hence, silver coin generally. Andrews gives the general name for gambling and betting as pi-li-wai-wai, and says that the ancient forms were almost innumerable. Wai-wai means "goods," "property.

65. Pi-li-li-ma Hand-Betting


[Page 231] Two players simultaneously extend their closed hands containing marbles, money, or similar small objects, at the same time crying a number.

The one who guesses the sum of the objects wins them all.

88. Hu-ki-la-au Stick-Drawing - Drawing Straws


[Page 245] One player prepares two slips of wood of uneven length, and the others draw. If the drawer gets the long piece, he wins; if the short piece, he loses.

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