Hawaiian Juggling Game

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58. Ki-o-la-o-la

juggling balls

[Page 228] A play with small stone balls by one person who keeps three in the air at the same time.

Captain King1, speaking of the game with a ball of green leaves, says: "They are not less expert at another game of the same nature, tossing up in the air and catching in their turn a number of these balls; so that we frequently saw little children thus keep in motion five at a time. With this latter play the young people likewise divert themselves at the Friendly islands."

Stair2 thus speaks of the game in Samoa: "O fuanga consisted in throwing up a number of oranges in the air, six, seven, or eight, and the object was to keep the whole number in motion at once as the Chinese jugglers do their balls. O le teaunga was also played with a number of oranges, but in this game they were thrown up backwards."

1 Vol III, p. 147.
2 Page 138.

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