Hawaiian Jumping Games

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1. Ko-wa-li - Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

[Page 205]The rope may be swung by two persons, by one person with the other end fastened, or by one person who also jumps. Two girls frequently jump together, counting until they miss. Andrews gives pu-he-o-he-o as "a sport of children like jumping the rope." Ko-wa-li, the term given by my informants, is the name of the convolvulus, the vine of which is used as a rope.

Taylor1, describes the skipping rope of New Zealand under the name he piu. Two persons generally hold the rope, and a third skips over it; sometimes they tie an end of the rope to a post and one twirls the rope while several jump over at the same time. It is also used by one person as with us.

1. Op. cit., p. 173

17. Le-le-wa-wae-ka-hi - One-Foot Jumping - Hopping

Hopping On One Foot

[Page 211] Contestants tie one leg and run races, hopping on one foot.

18. Le-le-la-au - Stick Jumping - Vaulting

Sticking Jumping

[Page 211] Vaulting is practiced with the aid of a long pole.

24. Le-le-ka-wa - Precipice Jumping

Diving from a precipice

[Page 214] Leaping from lofty cliffs into the sea is a favorite pastime.

The feat is performed as a game, the first one reaching the goal being regarded as the winner.

The name is from ka-wa, "a precipice," and le-le, "to jump".

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