Hawaiian Guessing Games

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54. Ko-ho-ko-ho-pu-ni-u


shell guessing

[Page 242] A button of cocoanut-shell (pi-hi-ni-u) is concealed under one of two cups of cocoanut-shell,
the object being to guess under which it is hidden.

90. Ko-ho-ko-ho-pu-aa


pig guessing cards

[Page 245] This is a kind of lottery. The principal stake consists of pigs (pu-aa). One hundred cards are prepared, on which are written the names of various articles of food, as pig, fowl, banana, bread-fruit, orange, eggs, etc. Twenty persons each draw a card, the object being to get the one marked "pig." If this is not drawn the first time, the drawing is repeated until some one gets it.

This lottery is held on a holiday. The prizes are offered by some rich person. The winner gets five pigs. Afterward the assembled company eats the other food that has been provided.

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