Hawaiian Stone Dice

84. Lu-lu

Stone Dice

Four disks of volcanic stone about an inch in diameter and marked on one side (Figure 7) are shaken in both hands and allowed to fall at random on the ground. These dice are marked with a cross as shown in the figure, one with a central dot and the others with two, three, and four dots. The dots and crosses are painted red. Any number play, and each player has two throws, or rather, if any stone comes unmarked side up, he throws it again. The spots count and the highest throw in a round wins; or the game may be played to a fixed number, as one hundred. If a player throws all marked faces up, it counts ten and he has another throw. The dice are called u-lu, the same as the stones used in mai-ka. Lu-lu means to shake. The throws are called as follows:

Hu-li la-lo, "all down."
Hu-ka-hi hu-1i i-lu-na, "one turning up."
E-lu-a hu-li i-lu-na, "two turning up."
E-ko-lu hu-li i-lu-na, "three turning up."
E-ha hu-li i-lu-na, "four turning up."

Ordinary cubical dotted European dice receive the same name of u-lu or u-lu lu-lu; and dice throwing is called lu-lu, Three are commonly employed.

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