Hawaiian Stone Hiding Game

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83. Hu-na po-ha-ku

[Page 242] A number of players stand in a row with their closed hands outstretched, and another endeavors to guess in which hand a stone (po-ha-ku-maa, "sling stone ") is concealed, slapping the hand he selects. If he guesses correctly, the one who had the stone takes his place.

Taylor1 describes the following game in New Zealand: "Tutu kai. A circle being formed, one takes a little stone, or anything else, in his hand, and then another repeats a verse. A person then goes around the circle, and guesses in whose hand it is hid, each having his fist closed; if he is right, the person who has the stone, takes his place, and goes round; if he is wrong, he continues until he discovers where it is hid."

1. Page 174

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