Hawaiian Physical Stunt Games

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4. Ho-to-li-o - Horse-Riding

[Page 206]Boys play "horse," riding astride a stick.

5. Ku-al-a-poo - Head-Standing

[Page 206]Turning somersaults is a common pastime of boys.

12. Hu-ki-hu-ki-a-i - Neck-Pulling

[Page 210]Each of two persons puts a loop around his neck and pulls, endeavoring to pull the other over. The contest is engaged in for small prizes. It is known in Japan by the name kubi hiki.

13. Hu-ki-hu-ki-li-ma - Finger-Pulling

[Page 210]Two, persons lock forefingers and each endeavors to pull the other's finger straight out.

3. Ma-hi-ki - See Saw

[Page 206]This is commonly played by girls, who sit astride a board. Two or three sit on each side with two boys standing back to back in the middle.

Wilkes1 says: "They had likewise the amusement of see-saw, which has not yet gone out of fashion, and is performed in a manner somewhat different from ours. A forked post is placed in the ground; on this a long pole is placed, which admits several on each side. After two or three ups and downs, they try which shall give the opposite party a tumble. This is, at times, adroitly done, and down they all fall, to the infinite amusement both of their adversaries and the bystanders, who indulge in loud laughter and merriment at the expense of those who are so unlucky as to get hurt."

1. Vol. IV, p. 47.

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