Brantford Crokinole and Checker/Chess Board

Crokinole Board

The photograph on the left is of a round Crokinole board painted on a plywood board that is 28 3/8 inches square.

The frame, a raised rim surrounding the playing surface is made of wood stained golden brown. The round playing surface has three round black concentric circular lines surrounding a "bullseye" in the center. The innermost black circular line had 8 raised metal pins - each pin evenly spaced from the other along this line, and covered by rubber tubing which has now decomposed.

The maker of this board is Brandtford Novelties, Ltd., Brantford, Ontario. The board was made and distributed about 1940.

Checkerboard on back

The reverse of the base (pictured on the right) is smooth..

The playing surface on this side features an 8x8 Chess/Checker matrix in the center of the board.The Chess or Checker board is the traditional square matrix.

There were no pieces for either the game of Crokinole or Chess or Checkers with the board.

For instructions in playing Crokinole, click on the left menu item above.

Last update March 26, 2010